Hiring Practices

When a prospective member has applied for a tenure track position only to be offered a 3-year fixed term appointment after interviewing. This process may be unfair at an especially vulnerable point in one’s academic career and, moreover, it may conflict with the guiding language in our collective agreement.


Current Process

The Faculty Handbook process is outlined above and describes the step-by-step process by which a position is first approved, then advertised with a complete listing of qualifications, then submitted to a Search Committee who ultimately makes a recommendation to the Dean/University Librarian. This process, according to agreement reached between the Board of Governors and the Faculty Association, is as fair and reasonable as possible to ensure due process is followed. There is no opportunity to change the approved position after it has been advertised.


Failed Search

If the search was unsuccessful then the Search Committee should call it as such. In the event that a Search Committee cannot or will not make a recommendation, the Dean/ University Librarian may recommend a candidate for a term appointment of up to two years. Keep in mind that all decisions must be conveyed in writing with accompanying reasons. Another option is for the department and Dean/ University Librarian to revisit the position and make decisions to post again at a later time, tweak the position to attract a broader audience, or change the nature of the position from, say, tenure track to fixed term. All decisions to change the position must follow procedures in the collective agreement.


What can you do as academic staff?

  • Hold your Chairs and Deans/UL accountable to advertised positions;
  • Encourage meaningful academic positions with job security;
  • Get involved in Search Committees; and
  • Know the Handbook.

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