Personal Notes Created while Serving on Personnel Committees

It is a common practice in the University for committee Chairs to ask to collect and dispose of the materials used by members in their deliberations. The Member's notes are then governed by the policies and responsibilities of the University; the Member has no further role to play in the disposition of the materials. The notes are placed into a sealed envelope and kept secure for one year, following which they are shredded.

It is also an option for individual Members to take personal responsibility for disposal of their own notes and annotations. In this case the Member assumes sole responsibility for maintaining the security and confidentiality of this material.

Relevant Article: 17.07

17.07     The deliberations, proceedings, evidence, documentation, and recommendations of personnel committees shall be treated as confidential except for the transaction of the official business of the University as provided by this Handbook. However, if after the University has taken action based upon the recommendation of the personnel committee in his/her case, the Member makes a public statement about the reasons for that action, the University may treat those reasons as no longer confidential.