Course Evaluation

When coming up for tenure or promotion, many Faculty Members include student evaluations in the material to be considered by the Salary Tenure and Promotion (STP) Committee. But you do not have to. Article 9 of the Faculty Handbook provides that the student evaluations administered by many U of L Faculties can go into your personal file (and hence to STP) only with your knowledge and permission.


Relevant Articles: Article 9.06 and 9.07.

9.06  Materials Other Than Confidential Letters of Reference

Materials other than confidential letters of reference may be placed on a Member's personal file only if they are signed and dated by the author and/or institutional source. The Member shall be informed within ten (10) working days that materials have been placed in his/her personal file. Materials not signed and dated shall enter a Member's personal file only with that Member's written authorization in each specific instance. Electronic mail is considered material that is not signed.

9.07    Materials Obtained Pursuant to the Evaluation of Teaching

Materials obtained pursuant to a policy on teaching evaluation established according to the provisions of Article 12.02 shall be dealt with according to Article 9.05 where individually written assessments of teaching are included, and according to Article 9.06 where other forms of assessment are included, including materials from students. Procedures shall be used that ensure the identity of the student respondent is protected to the maximum extent permitted by law.