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The Faculty Association is always interested in hearing about how your day/week/semester is going. Whether there has been a recent personal or career accomplishment, the birth of a child, a hospital stay, the death of a loved one, difficultly in the workplace, or an improvement that you feel should to be made, ULFA would like to hear about it. After all, ULFA is here because of its Membership and we like to recognize the significant events of our Members lives. 

By keeping ULFA informed, it helps the ULFA standing committees ascertain what struggles/problems our members face, as well as the positive aspect they can seek to build upon. Depending on the situation ULFA can respond in a number of ways,from sending cards/gifts/flowers to acting as a sounding board and helping to make the right connections.

Please keep us informed by contacting the ULFA office at ext. 2578 or by the Contact Form under the Contact Us section of the website.

ULFA Copyright Update

Follow-up Study on Course-Related Copying

A new study of U of L course-related copying has been launched as a follow-up to an earlier study which looked at Spring 2012 courses. Reproduced here is the memo e-mailed to all faculty and sessional instructors in June 2014 that outlines the new study’s purpose.
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Before Signing a Contract

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has prepared a new handbook for prospective faculty to assist them in negotiating a starting salary. This is especially important because starting salary is a major determinant of lifetime earnings. Before signing on the dotted line, CAUT suggests that you ask 10 important questions.

Before signing you should ask:

  • What is negotiable?
  • Is the employer's salary offer fair?
  • Can I negotiated moving costs?
  • Are rank and tenure negotiable?
  • What are the processes for contract renewal and tenure?
  • What support can I obtain for research and creative activity?
  • What about teaching workload?
  • What about committee work and service?
  • What benefits and leaves are covered?
  • Should I worry about retirement and pensions?

The complete booklet may be viewed on the CAUT in PDF format or on their website here.