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ULFA Member Gala

on Monday, 12 September 2016. Posted in News

ULFA Member Gala Fall 2016 2

Post-secondary Labour Relations Consultation Update

on Friday, 26 August 2016. Posted in News

Dear Colleagues,

As promised, the Government of Alberta has begun its second round of consultations with the post-secondary institutions in Alberta following a Supreme Court of Canada ruling that asserted the right to strike as a fundamental right. As you may remember from this past year, it was this key decision that inspired our change in mil rate for the lockout/strike preparedness fund approved by the Membership at April’s general meeting.

The Ministry of Advanced Education is currently soliciting feedback from Faculty Associations and its members, among other interest groups, on the matter of labour relations as the Post Secondary Learning Act undergoes significant transformation. The discussion document itself (found here) is aimed at individuals, with a deadline of October 17, 2016.

The questions the discussion guide asks involve at times quite technical aspects of labour relations law and custom and the choices it present have in some cases very significant consequences for the post-secondary environment we have lived in since our incipience in the mid-1960s. Some of the questions imply specific outcomes that the Faculty Association has obvious vested interests in, that speak to the core principles of academia, while other questions broadly address the complex logistics of meshing post-secondary in Alberta with the traditional labour relations model found elsewhere. Finding ourselves at the forefront of major change, we look forward to helping shape this future with a goal of ensuring the smoothest transition to whatever comes our [collective] way.

The Association has prepared for this final consultation with the Ministry by consulting with prominent labour lawyers and labour relations practitioners, as well as our colleagues in the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). We would like at this point to consult with our Members and also to share our understanding of the issues involved.

Just as we did last year in preparation for the lockout/strike fund vote, we have organized three town halls to enable full discussion.

I encourage you to participate in either one or both of them. To facilitate your attendance, lunch will be provided.

Town Hall 1:

September 16 from 12-2pm (room E690)

Town Hall 2:
October 4 from 1:40-2:55pm (room AH100)

Town Hall 3:
October 7 from 12-2pm (room M1090)

We will ensure that you have a chance to review our draft response following the last town hall prior to making our final submission to the Minister on October 17. During this consultation process and the collective creation of the Faculty Association’s position on labour relations in post-secondary institutions, we would encourage you to stay informed so that you, too, can add your voice to the changing landscape of our labour relations.


Andrea Amelinckx

ULFA President

PSLA Labour Consultation - Stakeholder Discussion Sessions

on Wednesday, 14 September 2016. Posted in News

On August 18th, Minister Schmidt announced the launch of a new round of stakeholder consultation regarding changes to the labour relations model for faculty members and graduate students. In his email, the Minister promised details for stakeholder discussion sessions would be forthcoming.

Four discussion sessions are being held – two in Edmonton and two in Calgary. You have the option of attending the one that is most convenient for you in terms of location and time. All sessions have a teleconference option for those unable to attend in person. Details for teleconferencing will be provided as part of the registration process.

STP Workshops

on Friday, 26 August 2016. Posted in News

New Members to the 2016/2017 ULFA Executive

on Monday, 09 May 2016. Posted in News

Jon Doan

        Nicole Eva         Paul Hayes
VP/Pres. Nominate        

Chair, Gender, Equity
& Diversity Committee

        Chair, Economic
Benefits Committee
Jon Doan         Nicole Eva         Paul Hayes
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