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Annual General Meeting

Hello Faculty Association Members,

You are cordially invited to the Annual General Meeting, which takes place on Wednesday, April 16 from 12-3pm in C674. Please find attached the final agenda for our meeting.

Lunch and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be provided for free to all attendees. Videoconference services are available for Members on the Calgary and Edmonton campuses. Please RSVP your attendance with Derrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at ext. 2578.

After the AGM, there will be a retirement celebration for Brenda Rennie who has been with the Faculty Association for over 29 years! Please join us in Galileo’s from 3:30-5pm for a gathering of friends and colleagues.


CAFA Distinguished Academic Award Information


CAFA is the federation of the academic staff associations at Alberta’s four research-intensive universities. The four associations are: The Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta, Athabasca University Faculty Association, The Faculty Association of the University of Calgary and The University of Lethbridge Faculty Association. The objectives of the Confederation are to promote the quality of education in the province and to promote the well-being of Alberta universities and their academic staff.

CAFA is inviting nominations for the seventh annual CAFA Distinguished Academic Awards. The 2013 Awards received considerable public attention, and we are hoping to build on this success.


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Process for STP Appeals

Hello Faculty Association Members,

It is that time of year when the STP hearings are wrapping up and the Faculty Association would like to highlight key rights available to you should you have any questions or need any assistance. If you have been successful in your application for continuation, extension, or tenure, we would like to congratulate you on your award. The information provided in this email, though useful, will likely not be relevant to you at this time.

If you have had a negative decision from your STP hearing, you have the right to appeal the decision whether you’re a Faculty Member, Professional Librarian, Instructor, or Academic Assistant. Here is a summary of the appeal process and timelines from relevant articles in the Faculty Handbook (Article 24 Appeals; Article 17.04.3 Appeal Committee):

Receipt of the official Board decision triggers important deadlines: 10 working days to lodge notice of appeal and 15 days to provide particulars of the appeal. Grounds for appeal could be the improper procedure and/or improper application of the criteria in Article 12 (Professors) or Article 14 (Professional Librarians) or Article 15 (Instructors and Academic Assistants).

•    If you are denied promotion, the appeal is handled internally by the Faculty Handbook Appeal Committee. This Committee has the authority to overrule the decision of the STP Committee. If you are denied by this committee, there is no consequence on your salary and you may reapply for promotion in two years.
•    If you are denied extension of probation as a Faculty Member or Librarian, or if you are denied a continuing appointment as an Instructor or Academic Assistant, you have two appeal mechanisms at your disposal:
  (a) First, the Faculty Handbook Appeal Committee. This Committee has the authority to overrule the decision of the STP Committee.
  (b) If the Appeal Committee upholds the negative decision of the STP Committee, you have a right to appeal to a 3-person Hearing Committee.
•    If you are denied tenure, you have a one-step appeal mechanism through the 3-person Hearing Committee.

A denial of promotion has no consequence on your salary and you can reapply in two years; however, a decision to deny continuation, extension, or tenure brings with it a terminal one-year contract. In any case, you have the right to appeal. For a lost appeal, it could be the end of your academic career. We strongly advise that you seek the guidance of ULFA immediately upon notice of a negative STP decision.